Crossover Entertainment is a collective based in Dallas / Fort Worth that specializes in the development, production and promotion of music, sports and apparel. Crossover’s desire is to craft a culture of creative integrity among its partners and clients through innovative ideas that not only generate success, but also leave a lasting impression and inspire communities. At Crossover, we focus on creating concepts and programming that builds brands, shapes businesses, engages audiences and connects people through the power of the entertainment experience.



Crossover Entertainment serves as a music and sports event producer, promoter, talent buyer, consultant, artist and athlete development firm, merchandise broker, and a marketing and branding agency.



Crossover's apparel brand and design house focuses on sports and entertainment lifestyle. It is a collaborative association between Crossover, select elite designers and Printed Threads - a nationally recognized industry leader in screen-printing and merchandise. Our vision is simple. We hope that our products end up in the hands of others who share a mutual love for sports fashion, entertainment flair and quality apparel.



Music, sports and entertainment fuel the human soul. It is relatable, universally understood and links people across generations. During the life-changing experiences and defining moments that sports and entertainment can provide, there are no strangers. The common thread in Crossover can be found in this bond. We are wholehearted people who are simply passionate about expressing this connection through entertainment and apparel.


Whether in the game of basketball, entertainment, or in life, Crossover purely represents a positive change in direction. Crossing from one place to another signifies growth. Crossover is progressing to the next level, reaching a new audience, and a passage into new territory - as a company, a brand, a performer, an athlete and an individual.


A passion for music and sports brought the two worlds of Donnie Nelson and Lance Yocom together. Realizing each shared common interests and a mutual love for entertainment and sports, Crossover Entertainment was formed. It’s that simple. 


Let's Team Up.

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